Coinflip FAQ

What is this game?

Reaperskin's coinflip a simple way to 1vs1 against other players and attempt to win their skins. To do so, all you have to do is either create a coinflip by picking the items you want to gamble, or join an existing one granted that you can place items valued at the same prices within a 10% margin. For example, if a round was created with items valued at 100.00 points, then you will have to place a bet between 90.00 and 110.00 points.

How to create a game

1. Press on the Create button.

2. Select your skins and press deposit.

3. After creating your game you will receive an offer from our bot. Accept this offer and accept the mobile authentication.

How to join a game

1. Choose any game from the coinflip game list and press Join.

2. While you select items you can see how much is needed to join the pot in the bottom left corner.

3. Press watch on the game you just joined to watch the animation.

4. The game will end in 10 seconds and the winner will receive all items with -5% comission.

What happen when a coinflip is over?

Once a round end, our bot will send you the trade offer right away. It is recommended to accept it as soon as possible to avoid any issue. Note that a commission of 0 to 5% may apply, up to 10% if no items matching 5% is available, however the items that the bot keep cannot be the one that you used to create the coinflip. If no items matches the commission range, then no commission will be applied.


3x AWP | Dragon Lore (Field-Tested)